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High Point Property Inspections Dallas

Buyer’s Inspections

Being an informed home buyer is one of the most important things you can do during a real estate transaction.  The Texas home inspection is a third-party, unbiased view on the condition of the home. Buyers are encouraged to attend the inspection so that they can receive a face-to-face explanation of the inspectors findings.  Buyers receive a cloud-based written report that they can then use in their negotiations with the seller. View Sample Report.

High Point Property Inspections Dallas

Pre-listing Inspections

Before listing their home sellers can discover existing issues that will show up on a buyers inspection report.  This gives the seller an opportunity to address issues before they have to deal with them later during their listing.  Every area of the home is checked to make sure there are no “surprises.”

High Point Property Inspections Dallas

12 Month Builder’s Warranty Inspections

Most builders offer a 12 month warranty on your newly purchased home.  Many times, once this year is up you will be responsible for repairs and issues with the home.  Getting a 12 Month Warranty inspection can help you uncover issues that you can ask the builder to address.  This inspection can also inform you of some of the maintenance items needed to keep your home in like-new condition for the future.

High Point Property Inspections Dallas

Crawl Space Inspections

Many houses in the Dallas area rest on pier-and-beam foundations.  These pier-and-beam houses have crawl spaces that need to be well-ventilated and maintained.  It’s important that the inspector check for hidden issues such as deteriorated cast iron piping, damaged flooring or the presence of vermin.  Many issues in a home are hidden in the crawl space so don’t skip the crawl space inspection!

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